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Mary-Beth Costello Comes Full Circle as Board Member

Mary-Beth Costello’s recent appointment to the board at WestMass ElderCare marked a profound journey coming full circle. Reflecting on her first job post-college as a Case Manager at WEMC in 1979, Costello reminisces about the early days when the organization was in its infant stages, having been established in 1974. The office, situated on High Street across from Holyoke City Hall, holds a special place in her heart.

Under the expert guidance of supervisor Elenor MacKraken, a mentor renowned for her excellence, Costello and her colleagues in case management were carefully nurtured, ensuring they not only received indispensable support and training but also thrived in a culture of collaboration. This marked an era of concerted effort, where numerous agencies seamlessly worked together. Costello warmly reminisces about the collaborative and uplifting atmosphere, placing particular emphasis on the enduring bonds forged during those days. “The connections made many years ago still endure,” she reflects with a smile. “We continue to gather and cherish those friendships, a testament to the lasting impact of that shared experience.”

Leaving a lasting imprint on her career, Costello discovered that her time at WMEC exemplified the qualities of a good manager—supportive and dedicated to the well-being of their team, ultimately influencing the quality of service delivery.

However, for Costello, the true highlight was the connection with clients who expressed genuine appreciation for WMEC’s services. The memories of these interactions and the impactful services rendered to the older adults of Western Massachusetts remain etched in her heart.

Now, as a proud member of the Board of Directors, Costello exclaims, “I am thrilled! I am delighted to contribute to an agency that enables senior citizens to age gracefully in their homes. This not only benefits the seniors but also the entire community, and will become increasingly important as the population ages.”

Costello envisions a future where more individuals can age in place. She emphasizes the importance of this approach for the overall well-being of older adults, allowing them to remain connected with their families and friends, as well as the community as a whole.

Grateful to be part of WMEC’s mission, Costello expresses her enthusiasm after attending the first board meeting, noting the warmth, positivity, and genuine commitment displayed by everyone involved. She eagerly anticipates the upcoming meetings, excited to contribute to the agency’s meaningful mission.