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“For me, the comfort of knowing that it’s family in the house helping me out and not a complete stranger is huge.”
                      -Linda, WMEC Consumer

Linda, left, and her daughter-in-law, Christina

For many older adults and their loved ones, asking for outside help can be a big leap of faith. Who will provide the support? Can we trust them? WestMass ElderCare can help to relieve some of this stress and uncertainty with our Consumer Directed Care (CDC) program. CDC allows caregivers and older adults to hire their own worker who can help with personal care, homemaking, companionship, shopping and errands, laundry, transportation, and more. This is an excellent option for those who prefer to receive care from a family member or friend rather than someone they don’t know.

As you’ll see below, CDC can give families more flexibility and resources to tend to their loved ones, whether themselves or through trusted caregivers. See our CDC program in action with this story from WMEC consumer Linda and her caregiver and daughter-in-law Christina:

Meet Linda: Consumer Directed Care in Action

Mobility impairment from fibromyalgia and chronic back pain limited Linda’s ability to live a comfortable, mobile life – so much so that she recognized she needed assistance. However, like many people, she didn’t want to receive care from a stranger. As she was already receiving assistance from her son and daughter-in-law, we recommended the Consumer Directed Care Service Option as it would allow Linda to hire her daughter-in-law, Christina, officially as her caregiver. Linda was thrilled to get the help she deserved without needing multiple workers coming in and out of her home.

Besides receiving assistance from Christina and other family members, her WMEC Care Manager, Jessica Valentine, coordinated other support services for Linda. Recently, Jessica arranged for additional aid after Linda injured her leg. With Jessica’s help, Linda was able to return home and resume her CDC services despite initially being admitted to the hospital and then a rehab facility.

While coordinating ongoing home care service, Jessica provided case management to help Linda create a Personal Emergency Response System and apply for a government cell phone. With all of Jessica’s and Christina’s care and support behind her, Linda is in high spirits and hopes to walk again.

When asked about the care she has received from WMEC, Linda responded, “A great thing about WMEC services is that they are versatile. You can work the timeframe out with your provider, and they will be flexible around your schedule. My daughter-in-law helps me with lots of things. She runs the vacuum, helps me to get a shower, do laundry, and runs to the grocery store for me. For me, the comfort of knowing that it’s family in the house helping me out and not a complete stranger is huge.”

Whether you’re a caregiver who needs more resources or an older adult who wants support from a family member or trusted friend, our CDC program can get you the specific, trusted help you need. Reach out to us today.