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WestMass ElderCare Clinches Super 60 Award from Springfield Chamber of Commerce

WMEC proudly announced its recent honor of being named a recipient of the prestigious Super 60 Award from the Springfield Chamber of Commerce. The accolade was presented last week in recognition of WMEC’s outstanding success and substantial contributions to the region. The Super 60 Award also extends this honor to non-profit organizations that have showcased unparalleled dedication through exceptional programming and support.

This year marked an exciting expansion of the Super 60 awards program, introducing three new categories: start-up, non-profit, and give back awards, in addition to the established revenue and growth categories. WMEC secured one of the newly introduced non-profit awards, a testament to the organization’s commitment to allocating a significant percentage of total spending to programs.

“We are honored to have been nominated by our accounting partner Whittlesey, and to receive the Super 60 Award from the Springfield Chamber of Commerce,” said Roseann Martoccia, Executive Director at WMEC. “This recognition not only celebrates our success but also highlights our ongoing commitment to making a positive impact in the community. We extend our sincere gratitude to the Springfield Chamber for this esteemed accolade.”

WMEC looks forward to continuing its mission of excellence and community engagement, building on the momentum generated by the Super 60 Award.


Pictured left to right: Roseann Martoccia, Tom Dowling (Whittlesey), Helene Florio, Tim Gaines (Whittlesey)