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  1. The demand for home-delivered meals has increased by nearly 30% during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. WMEC’s Nutrition Services program has not missed one day of service delivery due to COVID throughout 2020, delivering over 450,000 meals to over 2,600 consumers.
  3. We deliver meals to people of all ages! WMEC delivered over 30,000 meals to 237 consumers under age 60 last year.
  4. In the summer, consumers can receive fresh produce bags from the Department of Agriculture valued at $25.
  5. 71% of consumers say their Home Delivered Meal is their main meal of the day.
  6. 84% of consumers say receiving meals helps them live independently.
  7. WMEC consumers can receive individualized nutrition counseling and education by a registered dietitian.
  8. Shelf-stable meals are provided in case of winter weather or other emergencies that can interrupt daily meal delivery.
  9. Consumers are also able to get supper, weekend, and holiday meals.
  10. We don’t just serve meatloaf! Consumers can choose from a variety of meals that meet their cultural preference and medical needs including: No Salt Added, Latino, Renal, Pureed, Cardiac Diet, and Chopped Meals


and have no one to check on them other than their Home Delivered Meals Drivers. Drivers provide critical wellness checks to ensure the safety of our consumers and take prompt action when they notice concerning changes in people’s physical or mental health.

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