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Options Counseling

WMEC’s Options Counselors provide information and support to consumers with questions about living in the community or nursing home. The Options Counselor assists with questions and concerns about in-home services and other resources to help live independently in the community.

Individuals, regardless of their income or age, have the opportunity to receive Options Counseling in their home, nursing home, rehabilitation facility, or hospital.

We can help with questions such as:

  • Can I live in the community safely and independently?
  • Should I consider nursing home, assisted living, supportive housing or other living environment?
  • What services and/or assistive devices/home modifications are available to support me living in my home?
  • Does my current insurance cover any services and/or home modification? If not, what funding, loans or donations may be available?
  • Can I privately pay for services and/or home modifications?

The Options Counselor offers:

  • Phone or in-person counseling services.
  • A discussion about your personal goals, your ability to function, your support network, and your financial situation.
  • To explore all options available to you, including programs and services, funding options, and more.
  • An unbiased approach to services and supports.
  • Written material regarding long term care options.
  • Assistance as needed to connect with resources, and
  • Follow up contact to determine if your needs were addressed.


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